Summary in box of what you click through to:
– Set up a Just Giving Page
– Donate through Facebook
– Donate through online shopping
Then when you click through to this page you have all of the links that we already have on the donation page. Content of page could read:
Below is a step by step guide of how to raise money for us online. Setting up an online fundraising page is an easy and fun way to collect donations. You can personalise your page so your personality and enthusiasm for the charity shines through. 
Set up your fundraising page online
– Use to raise money for our charity. Click on the link and you will be taken to our charity page. 
– Click on the orange tab on the top right hand corner that says ‘Fundraise for us’. 
– Log into your account or create an account and follow the step by step guide to set up your page. Remember to keep it colourful, interesting and appealing to your readers. Personalise your page using photos, tell your story and explain why PTEN UKI means something to you and don’t forget to set your fundraising target!
– Promote your fundraising page using the personalised link you will be given. You can shout about your fundraising efforts through social media to maximise the number of people you reach and the amount of money you raise.
– Remember to contact us (insert link) about your fundraising efforts and we can promote your page on the PTENUKI facebook and other social media channels.
Maybe in a separate box on the page to keep it interesting:
The benefits of raising money through our Just Giving page:
– Having an online page makes it easy for people to donate. They can access it using a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile at any time of day and in any location (even abroad!)
– Just Giving will automatically reclaim GiftAid from UK tax payer donations, making each donation worth up to 25p more for every £1 they donate (at no extra cost to donator!)
– The money you raise will come straight to PTENUKI so you do not have to worry about transferring funds to us.
– You can promote your fundraising efforts easily and quickly using social media.
Maybe we could have a large call to action box like on the Sue Ryder page saying: Set up your Just Giving Page now.