What advice is available about IVF and PGD?

There is information on our On Diagnosis page about testing that can be done to predict whether an unborn baby is affected by PHTS or not. If you are thinking about having a baby, Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is an option available to prevent passing on PHTS to future children. Speak to your genetic specialist who […]

What are the cancer risks for PHTS patients?

You can find information on cancer risks for PHTS patients on our Screening Guidelines page with further information being available on our On Diagnosis page and in our PTEN Overview Video. With PHTS being such a rare disease and there being only a small amount of data available currently, there are differences in opinion on the […]

How do I get in contact with a genetics counsellor?

Please ask for a referral from your GP, or if you are already in contact with a Genetics department or counsellor, you may be able to contact them directly. This can be done at anytime, whether on diagnosis or a long time after diagnosis. From our Useful Resources page, you can get information such as – […]

Where can I get mental health support?

There are several Helpline numbers available on our Useful Resources page, along with some links under the Resources section to e.g. genetic counselling services, Young Mind’s guide to NHS mental health services, Mind’s guide on coping with supporting someone, Unique’s guide to dealing with what happens after diagnosis, and what local support may be available.

Who should I contact for support?

There are a number of links and contact details on our Useful Resources page, there are various resources available such as Help Lines, relevant websites, social media links, online leaflets and screening guidelines. Our private Facebook Group is a good place to ask other patients and families about their experiences, if you are interested you can […]